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Enterprise Server: Hewlett Packard/Compaq

One Source carries a complete range of options, parts and accessories for the HP Proliant, HP 9000 HP UX, Blade, Integrity server family. If you are purchasing or upgrading a machine in your infrastructure, OSD has the parts you need – and the expertise to help you to find the RIGHT parts. 

Below is a list showing the type of items we keep on hand, however, for the most current information, please contact us for a quote on any HP server parts.

• HP/Compaq Disk drives
• HP Desktops/Notebooks
• HP/Compaq CPU/Processors
• HP/Compaq Memory
• HP/Compaq Motherboard 
• HP/Compaq Array Controllers
• HP/Compaq Network cards (NICs)
• HP/Compaq Optical drives  
• HP/Compaq Power/Fan Supplies 
• HP/Compaq Tape drives    

HP/Compaq Proliant Servers:
• ML 110,150,350,370, 570 G1,G2,G3 & G4 servers
• DL 140,320,360,380,580,760G1,G2,G3 & G4 servers
• Proliant 1600, 1850R, 3000, 5500, 6000, 6400, 6500,
7000, 8000, 8500

HP Netservers:
• E55, E60, E800, LC2000, LH3, LH4, LP1000, LP2000,
TC2100, LH3000, LH6000, LXR8500 servers.

HP 9000 Unix Servers:
• HP 9000 rp2405
• HP 9000 rp2430
• HP 9000 rp2470
• HP 9000 rp3410
• HP 9000 rp3440
• HP 9000 rp4440
• HP 9000 rp5405
• HP 9000 rp5430
• HP 9000 rp5470
• HP 9000 rp7405
• HP 9000 rp7405
• HP 9000 rp7410
• HP 9000 rp7420
• HP 9000 rp8400
• HP 9000 rp8420
• HP 9000 N Class, N4000
• HP 9000 L Class, L1000, L2000, L3000
• HP 9000 R Class, R380, R390
• HP 9000 K Class, K100, K200, K210, K220, K250, K260,
K360, K370, K380, K400, K410, K420, K450, K460, K570, K580
• HP 9000 D Class, D230, D250, D260, D270, D280, D310, D320,
D330, D350, D360, D370, D380
• HP 9000 I Class, I30, I40, I50, I60, I70
• HP 9000 H Class, H20, H30, H40, H50, H60, H70
• HP 9000 G Class, G30, G40, G50, G60, G70
• HP 9000 E Class, E35,E45,E55,

HP Blade Servers:
• BL20p, BL25p, BL35p, BL45p, BL60p

HP Integrity Servers:
• HP Integrity rx1620, rx2620, rx4640, rx7640, rx8640

HP AlphaServer (Retired) System:
• HP Alphaserver DS15, DS25, TS15, ES45, ES47, ES80, GS80, GS160,
GS320, GS1280

HP Digital Server (Retired) System:
• HP Digital 3300/3305/3300R/3305R Server System

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